School Visits and Book Fairs
Jennifer w school children

Jennifer is now accepting bookings for the 2014-15 school year and 2015 summer.

School visit programs are best suited for grades Pre-K through 6th but can be adjusted for any age range and book fairs and festivals.

To obtain information on programs and fees, please send an
e-mail inquiry to Jennifer's Booking Agent
Veronica Morales at vrizomorales@gmail.com


"Jennifer Kindert’s school visit was refreshing. She was friendly, fun and informative and her auditorium presence was both warm and exciting. The kids really enjoyed learning about how illustrators research, plan and develop the colorful art they so love in their books. The easy flow of her lesson left the kids and even teachers eager to create their own brilliant art.
I can hardly wait to invite her back!"

Kena Sosa, Librarian
Urban Park and Lida Hooe Elementary Schools
Dallas, TX


"Our library has enjoyed the privilege of hosting Jennifer Kindert several times in recent years. She connects remarkably well with both children and adults, presenting in such a way that interests a wide range of ages. Jennifer includes a variety of relevant and engaging activities that draw out even those who may feel intimidated by language barriers. Our students relish meeting and working with a bona fide artist/ illustrator. We look forward to having her back again!"

May Shen, Librarian
Arcadia Park Branch - Dallas Public Library
Dallas, TX

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